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SYMBOX Hosted Solution

Hosted PBX service provides low cost entry to the VoIP revolution SymBOX is a hosted PBX solution that manages all your telephony functions using SymSAFE’s centrally managed systems. SymBOX provides a quick, low cost entry to all of the full features and benefits of a high-end IP telephone system without the high price.

Use SymBOX to unify communications within your business. SymBOX manages how your calls are handled. Primarily used within an office environment, or to create the appearance of a large organisation from geographically dispersed workers, SymBOX enables you to easily define relationships between different phones and how different events are to be handled (e.g. “no answer”) for each phone (e.g. go to voice mail, go to operator, go to different branch, etc). This ensures your customers never end up in a communications dead-end when trying to contact you.

SymBOX is priced to suit smaller companies looking for a scalable solution, or corporates looking for increased flexibility.

Coming with a wealth of features as standard and the scalability to cater for growth means that customers who may have initially purchase based on price, stay on for the flexibility SymBOX provides. Simple enough to get started, powerful enough to take you where you want to go The beauty of SymBOX is that it caters to your requirements today. If you just want to save money making voice over IP (VoIP) calls then all you need to get started is a handset, a data connection and SymBOX. SymBOX will act like your own telephony exchange routing calls to you and enabling you to make calls. For more advanced users, SymBOX provides a wealth of features that enables you to unify your communications across your desk, mobile phones and even integrate your software applications such as MS Outlook, to increase efficiency in your business. Importantly, you only need to turn on features as you need them.

Why SymBOX makes sense for your business

  • Low Cost
    PBX solution With SymBOX you don’t have the large capital outlay for PBX hardware at your site, or to pay for ongoing support. All you need is a digital IP handset and an Internet connection.
  • Future proof
    Unlike a traditional PBX where increases in a capacity or functionality require you to purchase more hardware, SymBOX enables you to take advantages of new developments in call management without capital outlay.
  • Packages to suit your needs
    The standard monthly charge includes access to the SymBOX system and a host of functions that can turn even a single handset into a sophisticated communications device normally found in a large office. You can then add to this with one of our upgrade packages that cater for your specific environment. In this way, you get the functionality you need at a price that makes sense.
  • Hassle free operation
    You can’t afford to take risks with something as valuable as your phone system. This is why the SymBOX system is housed in a secure data centre with back-up power facilities. Just as important, it is managed by SymSAFE’s team of experienced VoIP technicians who are there to support you and your business.
  • Unifying your communications with SymBOX
    Unified Communications is about breaking down the barriers between the different devices we use to communicate including software applications such as email. The goal of unified communications is that it should not make any difference to you or your customers where you are, or what device you are using whilst you are communicating with them. Unified communications pays dividends not only in simplifying your life but also making your organisation appear more professional.
  • SymBOX unified communications features
    Make SymBOX your first step towards unifying your communications. Apart from basic call management, it provides a range of advanced functions that can transform how calls are handled within your business. Imagine the
    possibilities within your business using SymBOX.
  • Twinning (simultaneous) ringing
    Incoming calls are routed to any number of devices (e.g. desk phone, mobile) so that they all ring at once. First device to pick up takes the call. Saves callers from having to wait for a no answer on each device before it forwards the call and increases availability of employees by eliminating phone tag.
  • Integrated Address book
    Making calls and updating contact details is made easier by uploading your address book into SymBOX to create a common directory across devices. You can even specify how each contact is to be handled when they call.
  • Click to dial
    Click to dial enables you to make calls from your PC; No more having to remember a phone number to make a call.
  • Conference calling
    Schedule or even initiate conferences during a call to get everyone talking. For planned conferences each attendee is able to dial in from wherever they may be.
  • Email notifications
    Receive your voicemail as an attachment in an email, eliminating the need to constantly check for messages. Also receive email notification for missed calls.
  • SymBOX Services
    SymBOX provides you with diverse functions which will cover nearly all communications needs. SymBOX provides you with system access and a wide variety of functions to turn your ordinary handset into a powerful communications tool.
    System access Support
    3 Way Calling Address Book
    Auto Attendants Blind Call
    Block Anonymous Calls Block Caller ID
    Busy Lamp Fields Call Detail Records (CDRs) Daily Email Reports
    Dial Plans Do Not Disturb
    Email on Missed Call Hot Desking
    Hunt Groups Music On Hold (MOH) – Wave File /TRP Stream/Input
    Transfer Attended Call Forward on Busy
    Call Forward on No Answer Call Mobile on new Voicemail
    Call Park/Pick Up Call Redial
    Call Return Call Routing (DID)
    Call Screening Call Transfer
    Caller ID Twinning (Simultaneous) Ringing
    Upload Pictures Voicemail (Mailbox)
    Voicemail to Email Wake Up Calls

SymBOX is a hosted VoIP PABX service offering almost unlimited capacity

We have servers in multiple locations in both Australia and USA for consistent reliability, scalability and low latency.

SymBOX enables you to:

  • Stop paying for multiple costly voice lines
  • Access great VoIP call rates
  • Remove expensive PBX hardware & running costs
  • Eliminate maintenance and upgrade fees
  • Expand your network just for the cost of a phone