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Email security and continuity from one single dashboard

You rely on email for both internal and external communication which is why you need to protect your business from the volume of email-borne threats. Make no mistake for once these threats make their way into your computer system they can spread quickly and steal critical data or wreak havoc you can’t possibly imagine. This is where ControlEmail from SymSAFE comes in.

ControlEmail combines robust security system with built-in mail continuity in one single dashboard, allowing you to communicate safely and easily even if your server is down.

Benefits of ControlEmail from SymSAFE include:

  • Continuously updated security engines and filters to identify and block spam and malicious threats
  • Real-time message source analysis which checks IP reputation and uses multiple signature-based pattern recognition technologies to analyze mail contents
  • Built-in mail continuity that lets you send and receive emails even if your mail server is down
  • Highly intuitive and adaptive cloud-based security service that allows easy protection and management of your email from one console
  • Online console accessible from any web browser for ease of whitelist control as well as domain and signature blockage
  • Email archive that ensures your electronic communications are safely stored with unlimited email storage